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Episode Notes

Daniel Barriuso, Global Chief Transformation Officer at Santander and Chairman of the FS-ISAC Europe Board of Directors, talks about the importance of addressing cybersecurity globally and holistically, while also taking regional differences into account. He draws on his experience as Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Santander and his current role to discuss how bigger organizations can collaborate with startups to fight cybercrime.

Notes from Our Discussion with Daniel

Chairing the FS-ISAC Europe Board of Directors
Collaboration, information sharing, and collective response to address cyber problems can create a much stronger cybersecurity ecosystem. The cyber community is keen on this approach, which makes it a pleasure to Chair the FS-ISAC board.

State of Sharing and Collaboration in Europe
Europe certainly understands the importance of collaboration, but FS-ISAC brings the platforms, protocols, and trusted community to enable that to happen in real time.

Key Focus of FS-ISAC Europe Board
Cyber challenges are consistent around the world. But there are regional differences. For example, in Europe, the focus is on resilience, with DORA (Digital Operatonal Resilience Act) coming into effect.

Convergence of Fraud & Cybercrime
Stakeholders often cannot distinguish between cyber and fraud. A cyber attack can lead to fraud or a fraud scam may have a cyber component. For these stakeholders, cybercrime and fraud are a single disciple.

Merging Cyber and Fraud Prevention Departments
This has been a very natural integration at Santander. Also, the diversity of skills and backgrounds makes cybersecurity more effective.

GenAI Impacting the Fraud Landscape
Criminals leverage the latest tools and employees need to be aware of them. At Santander, every transaction is monitored using AI and other advanced tools. These also help to continuously identify new patterns to enhance response.

Santander Working with Innovative Startups
In order to remain agile, Santander keeps in touch with innovation and new developments across the ecosystem through its work with startups. Santander has partnered with Forgepoint Capital to advance cybersecurity investment and innovation, and also launched the X Global Challenge to identify startups with the highest potential.

Addressing Cybersecurity Talent Shortage with Partnerships
There is a range of things Santander does to overcome the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Diversity is very important to look at cyber holistically. Being aware of cybercrime should also be part of the education system.

Spreading Cyber Awareness
Santander is passionate about spreading awareness to everyone, employees, customers, and society. The foundation of cybersecurity is the people behind the computers. Santander conducts cybersecurity training called Cyber Heroes in a game format, which is available to everyone. It also launched a thriller podcast series called Titania.

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