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Member Experience

In 2022, FS-ISAC Member Experience Team introduced our Member Success program. This new initiative focuses on the practical education of members to help them get the most value out of their benefits. In the first year, the team saw participation from over 3000 users in our Success sessions globally. Looking ahead to 2023, the team will continue our monthly session while adding new foreign language sessions in our global regions. 

New Offerings




Our solutions directory, launched in January, allows FS-ISAC Sector Advisors and Affiliates to share company information, thought leadership and discounts with members. Members can upvote and comment to share their experiences with other members.


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In April, we introduced a new streaming platform for members to view intelligence, exercise, summit and membership content on demand, magnifying our sharing across both space and time.


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Allows members to automatically share IOCs to FS-ISAC via MISP. Alpha testing began in November; roll out to the wider membership is planned in 2023.



Critical Providers

The program facilitates a two-way dialogue with members and critical providers about threat intelligence as well as efficient communication should a vulnerability, outage, or breach potentially impact members’ operations. FS-ISAC piloted the program this year with Akamai and expects to announce new critical provider participants in 2023.




FS-ISAC Affiliates are trusted vendor firms who provide crucial services to our members.

Affiliates share their knowledge with members throughout the year on webinars as well as at in-person events.

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