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    Are You Ready for the Everything but Normal?

    The world is focused on the next phase of the pandemic calling it "the new normal."  We think it's going to be everything but normal. 

    In financial services, the assumption that has been most challenged by this crisis was that remote work was the exception, and it has quickly become the norm. This has also had the most dramatic impact on cybersecurity programs, as 75% of our members stated during our Virtual Summit.

    What will be the next assumption to be challenged? How will cybersecurity have to adapt? And how fast will you need to act? 

    We've launched our Intelligence Exchange to enable our members to Connect and Share cyber intelligence, so our industry can be both nimble and cyber-secure to thrive in the #EverythingButNormal. 

    One-Stop Shop Designed to Meet the Rapidly Evolving Needs of FS-ISAC Members

    The Intelligence Exchange is designed to:

    • Facilitate financial services-specific industry sharing and consumption of actionable cyber threat intelligence
    • Expand and strengthen peer-to-peer networks
    • Upping the signal and reducing noise by customizing based on each firm's needs

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    Get Actionable, Relevant Cyber Intelligence Customized to Your Needs

    With increasing volumes and types of data being stored, processed and transmitted, the attack surface continues to grow. Our completely re-designed threat intelligence sharing application enables better decision making, helping you reduce cyber risk and add value to your organization.

    Share uses an industry standard cybersecurity tagging system to sort through and find alerts on categories of attacks more easily.


    Customization: Filter out the noise to receive only the intelligence that’s relevant to you.

    Strategic Analysis: Easily accessible industry-specific analysis, enrichment and confidence scoring helps your organization make better business decisions.

    Speed: Time from report to release compressed from hours to minutes, providing sector-wide awareness and tools to quickly protect against cyberthreats.

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    Real-Time Communication With Peers and Groups

    With the increasing rise in imperfect information and even disinformation, communicating with peers and industry groups offers an outlet to help with information security.

    The secure chat app facilitates industry collaboration through dedicated discussion threads based on topics and communities of interest. Connect brings together members facing the same challenges and gives them a secure place to exchange ideas and intelligence. 

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    Thought Leadership Hub Laser-Focused on the Intersection of Financial Services and Cybersecurity

    Amid all the clutter and the noise, FS-ISAC Insights is your go-to destination for clarity and perspective on the future of finance, data and cybersecurity as seen by C-level executives around the world.

    Insights Homepage

To help its 7,000 member firms share information about cyber-attacks and defenses while most staff work from home, FS-ISAC last month rolled out a secure chat platform to connect thousands of cybersecurity employees across the industry.

To read the full article, go here.

- Bloomberg

The Intelligence Exchange is developed based on the principle that firms are more secure if they cooperate against cybersecurity threats rather than facing them alone. It consists of two main applications - Connect and Share

To read the full article, go here.

- The Edge Singapore

“The accelerated shift to remote work has fueled a rapid evolution of the cyber threat landscape,” said Steve Silberstein, CEO of FS-ISAC. “As the effects of this pandemic continue to unfold, CISOs and cybersecurity teams are constantly adapting their cybersecurity programs to meet a new reality that is everything but normal.”

- Steven Silberstein, FS-ISAC CEO

We polled 871 security executives in financial services

75% said that remote work led to dramatic changes to their cybersecurity programs
54% said their firm will most likely invest in cybersecurity post-pandemic

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Our member organizations include:

  • Banks
  • Brokerage or Securities Firms
  • Credit Unions
  • Financial Trade Associations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • Bank Service Provider
  • Payment Processors