FS-ISAC Exercises

FSISACExerciseProgram-Logo_Stacked-Slogan-FIN-400x150.pngExercises are a proactive step to practice plans, find and close gaps, better protect systems and establish information sharing communities. Regularly practicing plans is a necessity. Bad actors continue to find new tools, techniques and procedures to attack financial systems globally. Only by practicing and measuring ourselves can stronger and more innovative plans be built to make our infrastructure more resilient. 

FS-ISAC began conducting exercises in 2010 with what is today known as the Cyber-Attack Against Payments Systems (CAPS) exercises. In 2015, following the Sony breach, FS-ISAC furthered its footprint in the exercise space with additional exercises such as All-Hazards Playbook drills, regional exercises and in coordination with the Treasury Department launched the Hamilton Series of exercises. Starting in 2018, FS-ISAC will be adding ranged-based exercises, expanding our global presence as well as officially launching the FS-ISAC Exercises brand.  

FS-ISAC Exercises enables member institutions to develop a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of their role within the ecosystem, their respective cyber-risk profile and associated critical dependencies. FS-ISAC Exercises consists of exercises produced by or in collaboration with FS-ISAC, Inc. including: 

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