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Financial Data Exchange

The Financial Data Exchange (FDX) was established on the idea that consumers and businesses should have easier, more secure access to their financial data. Through its FDX API and technical frameworks, FDX is unifying leading financial institutions, fintechs and others around a common standard for data sharing across the entire financial industry.

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~Sheltered Harbor - Vertical

Sheltered Harbor

Sheltered Harbor is a not-for-profit, industry-led organization founded to enhance the resilience and stability of the financial sector. Sheltered Harbor standards help institutions plan for and recover from a catastrophic operational outage or loss of data, even when the institution’s critical systems – including backups – fail. 

The Sheltered Harbor specifications were created in partnership with subject matter experts across the sector, and are recognized by regulators globally to help financial firms survive a crisis by:  

  1. Protecting their critical data in a secure, isolated, cyber-resilient data vault. 
  2. Creating and implementing a Sheltered Harbor resilience plan to maintain critical functions while re-establishing normal operations. 
  3. Validating implementations and readiness.  

Participants adopt a robust set of prescribed safeguards and controls, which are independently audited and certified for compliance with the Sheltered Harbor standards.   

Join Sheltered Harbor and start your journey toward cyber resilience certification today.

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