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Episode Notes

With a barrage of upcoming cyber regulations, financial firms will need to integrate some of the new requirements into their cyber and resilience programs. Erez Liebermann, Partner at law firm Debevoise & Plimpton and former , clarifies the key points of relevant cyber regulations that financial firm CISOs should know about.


(1:11) Key trends of the recent cyber regulations

(4:26) Pertinent details on the main upcoming cyber regulations for financial firms

(12:27) If the four day incident reporting rule is pushed through, do cyber teams need to make changes to their response process to comply?

(21:13) Who makes up the council of people in an organization to determine if a cyber incident is "material"?

(25:04) The million dollar question: What does cyber expertise on the Board actually mean?

(32:45) On the different regulatory approaches across the globe, and how that can put organizations in difficult spots to comply 

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