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Join us for the Virtual APAC Regional Intel Roundtable

The Regional Intelligence Roundtable (RIR) is a closed door, TLP Red, FS-ISAC members only session where intelligence can be shared freely amongst participants. This is the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector.


  • Opening address by keynote speaker
  • Global Intelligence Office Presentation: 2020 in review, APAC member achievements and challenges
  • Member intel exchange in small breakout groups
  • ‘Report Back’: A representative from each small breakout group delivers summary of key points
  • Group discussion about key themes arising from breakout groups
  • Member presentation: ‘Increasing the Volume and Quality of CTI sharing: Roadblocks, Success and Lessons Learned'
  • Attendees discuss their own organisation’s challenges with CTI - technical/automation, or other constraints

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