Affiliate Program

Make a Visible, Long-Term Commitment to FS-ISAC

Affiliate Program

Affiliates joining FS-ISAC are making a long-term commitment to the mission of FS-ISAC and the other sectors we support. Affiliates become part of a select and important group that makes FS-ISAC stronger, more visible, and able to deliver the information, events and offerings that our members ask for. FS-ISAC and its nearly 7,000 members greatly appreciate the financial support provided by Affiliates which allows FS-ISAC to remain the "Gold Standard" of the sharing communities and helps us remain a member-owned organization.

Participation is annual from time of implementation.

Affiliate applications are now being accepted to a waitlist. 

To learn more and apply, please email


FS-ISAC is a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. FS-ISAC reserves the right to approve, in its sole discretion, Affiliate applications as well as applications for participation in FS-ISAC events and functions that help to carry out FS-ISAC’s mission including, but not limited to, participation as an exhibitor, sponsor or speaker.