Affiliate Program

Make a Visible, Long-Term Commitment to FS-ISAC

Affiliates joining FS-ISAC are making a long-term commitment to the mission of FS-ISAC, including information sharing and the cyber and physical security practices that protect our critical financial system. Those joining FS-ISAC as affiliates become part of a select and important group that makes FS-ISAC stronger, more visible, and able to deliver the information, events and offerings that our members ask for. FS-ISAC and its over 7000 members greatly appreciate the financial support provided by Affiliates. It allows FS-ISAC to be the "Gold Standard" of the ISACs and helps us remain a member-owned organization.

Affiliate Program

Affiliates are long term strategic partners that desire to support the mission of FS-ISAC and help protect the financial services industry.  By joining the Affiliate program it is expected that all Affiliates agree to support the FS-ISAC through freely sharing information, promoting appropriate FS-ISAC events & workshops, providing referrals and introductions to future potential members to help support FS-ISACs mission to grow its membership base, support our industry and increase the resilience to cyber threats and risks. There are a limited number of affiliate slots available.

Participation is annual from time of implementation.

Affiliate Program benefits include:

  • FS-ISAC Portal Access, Alerts and Submissions - Six (6) User IDs to access FS-ISAC membership portal. Affiliate will receive access to reports on industry trends and best practice as well as exclusive financial services sector information pertaining to timely, relevant and actionable information and analysis of physical and cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and alerts.  This information is gathered by FS-ISAC from members, federal, state and local government agencies, law enforcement, financial services providers, commercial security firms, and other trusted resources. Please note members have the ability to request that a submission is shared only with peer financial institutions so exclusions apply. In addition, Affiliates are eligible to submit actionable and relevant informational alerts via a portal submission, see member submission benefit above.
  • Member Education - Affiliates may submit relevant data, insights, and white papers addressing critical security threats, best practices, or mitigation strategies to be distributed to members (subject to approval). You may also participate in joint research initiatives and other projects as they become available.
  • FS-ISAC will promote one of Affiliate's events, webinars or approved content by listing on our website and in our monthly newsletter or Bi-Weekly to 15k contacts across more than 7000 financial institutions.
  • Member Discounts - Promote discounts or special offers to FS-ISAC members on the FS-ISAC website, increasing visibility and reach into FS-ISAC membership while demonstrating Affiliate’s commitment to FS-ISAC membership.
  • Prominent promotion at Summits - Your Affiliation with the FS-ISAC will be highlighted via the onsite handbook (whether present at current Summit, or not).
  • Priority booth selection for the four (4) FS-ISAC Summits.
  • Early open date for Bronze and Additional Sponsorship packages at 4 Summits.
  • FS-ISAC Affiliate logo - Promote your thought leadership by using the unique Affiliate logo in all your marketing materials.
  • Branding on FS-ISAC Website - Your company name and logo will be prominently featured on our website.
  • Full-Day, Half-Day and Regional Payment Workshops are only available to Affiliates - speaking/sponsorship, presentation approval required, additional cost. View more information at: and
  • Annual All Affiliates Conference Call - FS-ISAC Executives will host a call once a year to present strategic goals and priorities of the FS-ISAC.

Annual Cost: $10,000.

Affiliate applications are now being accepted to a waitlist. 

To learn more & apply, please email By applying, you agree that, upon acceptance you will abide by our Affiliate Terms and Conditions. To read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions (pdf), Click Here.

FS-ISAC is a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)(6) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. FS-ISAC reserves the right to approve, in its sole discretion, Affiliate applications as well as applications for participation in FS-ISAC events and functions that help to carry out FS-ISAC’s mission including, but not limited to, participation as an exhibitor, sponsor, or speaker.