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  • Overview

Join us for a member only functional exercise.

Steel Resolve is an FS-ISAC hosted, sector-specific, multi-day, real-time exercise for large institutions. The exercise will cover a two-and-a-half-day period that tests the sector’s incident coordination and communication mechanisms, as outlined in FS-ISAC’s Intelligence Sharing and Crisis Management Framework. It creates an environment where the participants must test existing sector coordination and sharing policies and processes and identify operational gaps in the implementation of these playbooks.

In the two-and-a-half-day exercise, participants will receive notifications related to fictional events taking place at their firms, prompting them to respond by activating their internal incident management process and ultimately determining when or if they would share information about the incident with peer firms, FS-ISAC, or government partners. Through the sharing of incident information, organizations with a role in sector-level crisis coordination will assess the threat and determine when to activate their crisis response plans and begin sector coordination.

Steel Resolve will test the sector’s response to an extended third-party service provider outage that disrupts the US financial sector’s ability to process customer payments. The sector will leverage coordination mechanisms to identify the scope of the incident, mitigate impact during an extended outage, and coordinate sector response.

The exercise is structured to:

  • Test exercise coordination plans in a realistic manner via a functional exercise.
  • Test FS-ISAC's playbook and its connection to the sector coordinating councils.
  • Test national and international ability to communicate during an incident.

Event details:

  • FS-ISAC members only
  • Designed for large institutions with international operations
  • All participants must register through the Intelligence Exchange
  • Participants should include those responsible for incident response within your organization and anyone who participates on sector incident response coordination bodies.
  • Cost: Free
  • Participation is unlimited
  • Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Time

How to register:

  • Members: To register, login via Intelligence Exchange dashboard*, select the Member Services icon. From this dashboard, select the Event/Training tab and select the exercise.
  • If your financial institution is not a member of FS-ISAC, join FS-ISAC today.
*If you are a member and do not have an Intelligence Exchange account, please contact admin@fsisac.com.

Please visit our FAQ Page for additional information.

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