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Ransomware actors have created thriving businesses, refining their product while enhancing their monetization techniques. The spray and pray campaigns of the early 2000s have evolved into a highly targeted science that has resulted in multimillion-dollar ransoms and the surrender by some of the largest global companies. In addition to enhancing their aim, ransomware developers have created Ransomware-as-a-Service toolkits, such as REvil, for less capable actors, creating a business model that offers customer service for affiliates and takes a cut of their profits. In this presentation, Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer of CrowdStrike, will illustrate with real-world examples of how these threat actors have up-leveled their tactics to carefully prepare a target environment and ensure mass financial success. Sentonas will also explain how organizations can rise to meet the challenge of these actors. Learn how to protect your assets, customers and reputation by leveraging innovative security solutions and practices that provide visibility across whole environments, proactively hunt for adversaries, and by understanding the adversary - their targeting practices, tactics, tools and procedures.

Michael Sentonas | Chief Technology Officer | CrowdStrike

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