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Join FS-ISAC for an Expert Webinar

This presentation will cover the steps to create an effective fraud detection program that goes beyond rules to detect fraud. We will do so in a prescriptive manner that will leave the viewer with a better idea on how to improve their fraud detection posture. Everyone has rules to detect bad behavior, but that is not enough as it may lead to false positives overwhelming a fraud department. Fraud never rests and our attempts to detect and mitigate it will not either.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Using risk scores and weights with the risk scores to annotate the rules
  • Different approaches for computing risk scores and how this leads to high fidelity fraud detection
  • More advanced techniques, which involve machine learning/AI along with baseline and deviation from the norm to get to a more comprehensive program


  • Nimish Doshi | Director, Technical Advisory for Financial Services | Splunk

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