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  • Overview

Get hands-on experience in response to a disruption

FS-ISAC is hosting its second annual Cybex Paladin functional exercise, designed specifically for small and mid-sized financial institutions. Cybex Paladin is scheduled to take place February 27 – 28, 2024. 

A functional exercise is an operations-based exercise designed to test and evaluate capabilities and functions in the context of a realistic, real-time environment. Exercise players are asked to perform the duties required in their incident response plans in real time by interacting with other players and participating organizations via any number of communication methods, including phone, email, text, etc., just as they would during a real-world incident.  

The exercise will cover a two-day period that tests the participating organizations’ incident coordination and communication mechanisms in response to a disruption to your Core Service Provider.

During this multi-day exercise, Cybex Paladin players will engage in a realistic and challenging cybersecurity-focused exercise scenario. They will be tasked with addressing the ongoing situation using their organization’s existing incident response plans, policies, and procedures, including simulating any necessary internal and external communications, requests for information, technical assistance, etc. Exercise play can take place alongside real-world work activities, so impacts to organizational productivity should be minimal. Exercise injects will be delivered via a mobile and desktop application. 

This exercise is designed to test crisis management and business continuity.  Therefore, staff involved in crisis management, customer relations, business continuity/operations, public affairs and client relations are encouraged to participate.

This exercise is not a technical exercise and does not require participation from network defenders or other technical staff.