• Overview

Join us for a cyber-range exercise.

Improve your defense and response skills to a real-world cyber-attack

A one-day, hands-on exercise for security practitioners of financial institutions

Test your organization’s ability to effectively respond to a realistic, ransomware-style attack against a financial institution. This exercise is built on a generic financial institution network and based on a real-world, time-constrained scenario, assuming traditional computer network defence (CND) and network operations (NetOps) roles.

Participants experience technical training and management interaction with guidance and knowledge from industry experts, as well as peers. During the exercise, participants:

  • Learn the setup and orientation of a simulated Bank.com environment and its tools.
  • Explore defensive tools for analysis and trouble-ticket writing for a ransomware attack.
  • Practice individual active defense techniques that could defend your network from a ransomware attack and mitigate its impact on operations.
  • Build relationships with local law enforcement.
  • Share lessons learned and ideas for future events.
  • Receive a proven playbook and checklists.

*Participants can also attend remotely.

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