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  • Overview

Join us for a member only tabletop exercise

Improve your operational resilience and incident response

Join us on 21 November, from 12:00 – 4:00 pm GMT for a virtual exercise exploring the risk posed by a prolonged third-party outage in the financial sector. The scenario will explore how the sector responds to an incident at a third-party service provider in the sanctions compliance and anti-money laundering business line. Participants will be asked to explore how their firm responds to the challenges in the scenario and what sector-level coordination would be beneficial to reduce sector risk.

The exercise is structured to provide participants with:

  • Examine how firms coordinate during a widespread sector disruption to a critical function or shared service
  • Identify good practices for sector-wide coordination during an incident that can be incorporated into FS-ISAC’s EMEA playbook
  • Identify good practices for how incident response teams, external engagement teams, and impacted business lines work together during a disruptive event
Event details:

  • FS-ISAC members only
  • Free to attend

This event is created for:

  • Cybersecurity/IT security professionals
  • Cybersecurity and risk managers with responsibilities for external engagement and coordination
  • Operational Resilience/Business Continuity/Payment Ops/AML analysts and managers

Date: 21 November 2023

Time: 12 PM - 4 PM GMT

How to register:

  • Members: To register, please email exercises@fsisac.com
  • *If you are a member and do not have an Intelligence Exchange account, please contact memberquestions@fsisac.com.
  • If your financial institution is not a member of FS-ISAC, join FS-ISAC today.