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Human-operated attacks, including nation-state espionage and targeted ransomware, are on the rise against large enterprises in every industry, including financial services. These are highly targeted strains designed to evade security controls, reach critical assets and either steal information or surgically extort large sums of money. Despite significant investments, it is still difficult for any given enterprise to be certain that attackers cannot bypass their security tools, move inside the environment, and manipulate, steal, or encrypt data.

During this webinar, co-presented by Microsoft and Illusive, we will examine how to mitigate attackers through Active Defense. We will share best practices for creating an environment that is hostile to attackers spanning the entire attacker lifecycle, from beachhead establishment, to lateral movement, to attack mitigation.

  1. Establishing the beachhead
    - Insights on attacker tactics for establishing their beachhead
    - Key takeaways from 2020 attacks that influence security planning and actions for 2021 and beyond
    - Best practices for securing endpoints and identities
  2. Benefits of Active Defense
    - Active Defense defined
    - Continuous hygiene of credentials and pathways
    - Innovative deceptions to create an environment that is hostile to the attacker, improving lateral movement detection
    - On-demand attacker telemetry to enable rapid investigation and remediation
  3. Accelerating attack remediation
    - Discuss incident response and remediation trends and priorities for 2021

Nicholas DiCola | Security Jedi, Principal Director CXE, Cloud Security Customer Experience Engineering Team | Microsoft
Wade Lance | Field CTO | Illusive Networks

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