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Large enterprises moving to the cloud do so in a phased manner. Consequently, they have a mix of on-premises and multiple cloud environments. These environments, combined with many ways to move an application to the cloud, create new considerations for application security:
  • Re-host (lift and shift): Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), threat landscape increases because of network exposure
  • Re-platform (lift and reshape): New attack vectors via buckets, databases and message queues
  • Re-purchase (drop and shop): Third-party data exposure, noisy neighbor attacks and data retention
  • Re-architect (rewriting and decoupling apps): Serverless, container based and container orchestration
This webinar will focus on real life case studies from lift and shift, re-platform and key benchmarks, tools, and best practice takeaways.


Ashwath Krishna Reddy, Managing Consultant, Synopsys

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