• Overview

Join us for a cyber-range exercise.

Improve your defense and response skills to a real-world cyber-attack

This exercise assumes a generic financial institution environment, traditional computer network defense (CND) and network operations (NetOps) roles. CND operators will use passive analytical tools, while the NetOps roles played by the event facilitator will assist with modifying items such as firewalls and network infrastructure. Each CND participant will be able to observe the attack and its results, and are provided with access to the use of common, open source security information and event management (SIEM), analysis and network tools. Experts will be available to answer questions and provide feedback and guidance and each participant receives 6 CPEs.

The exercise is structured to provide attendees with:

  • Realistic technical training and management interaction
  • Access to industry expert guidance and knowledge
  • Interactive learning with and from peers
  • Relationship building with local law enforcement
  • Tested and exercised playbook and checklists takeaways

*Participants can also attend remotely.

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