• Overview

Join us for a cyber-range exercise.

Improve your defense and response skills to a real-world cyber-attack

FS-ISAC has been monitoring the public health threats stemming from Coronavirus (COVID-19). In an effort to ensure the highest levels of safety for our valued members, vendors and staff we have decided to reschedule this exercise for 23 September. Please contact exercises@fsisac.com with questions. 

A one-day, hands-on-keyboard exercise in which participants observe and respond to a ransomware attack. Teams share and review results, then re-run the simulated attack to measure the results of the suggested mitigation techniques. Participants are enabled to readily share insights and arrive at mitigation among their fellow participants. Experts will also be available to answer questions and provide feedback and guidance. Each participant receives 6 CPEs.

The exercise is structured to provide participants with:

  • Realistic technical training and management interaction
  • Access to industry expert guidance and knowledge
  • Interactive learning with and from peers
  • Relationship building with local law enforcement
  • Practice of individual active defense techniques and tools
  • Tested and exercised playbook and checklists takeaways

*Participants can also attend remotely.

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