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Join us for a member only cyber range team sim exercise

Today’s cybersecurity professionals can no longer afford to specialize in niche skills. Having a well-rounded skillset is a must, regardless of your role. 

This exercise provides:
  • Hands-on experience with a real-world scenario that develops skills in a low-pressure environment.
  • Practice with tools to include Elasticsearch / Kibana, Fleet / OSQuery, Velociraptor and FlareVM.
  • The latest tools and techniques that defend and protect your networks before, during and after an attack.
  • Learning that can be used to inform formal incident response playbooks and checklists.
  • Opportunity to compete and collaborate with industry peers to respond and remediate incidents.
  • Certificate of Completion available for Continuing Professional Education credit(s).

The scenario:

You've been brought in to run the biggest heist the Unlikely Environment has ever seen.

How it works:

  • Teams are comprised of ten participants. 
  • Register individually and you are placed on a team with individuals from similar firms. 
  • Register ten or more individuals and you can choose to be your own team(s) or split up to work with individuals from similar firms.
  • Contact exercises@fsisac.com for a discount available if registering ten or more individuals.
  • Teams compete against each other and are scored according to number of completed tasks, accuracy and time required.

Event details:

  • FS-ISAC members only
  • $495 fee per person
  • Experience level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Some network defender experience or technical training is recommended

Date: Monday, 14 October to Friday, 18 October, 2024

How to register:

  • Members: To register, log in via Intelligence Exchange dashboard*, select the Member Services icon. From this dashboard, select the Event/Training tab and select the exercise.
  • *If you are a member and do not have an Intelligence Exchange account, please contact memberquestions@fsisac.com.
  • If your financial institution is not a member of FS-ISAC, join FS-ISAC today.

This exercise runs on the Immersive Labs platform and does not have any specific device requirements.

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I am unable to attend, can I cancel and receive a refund?

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Refunds are available up to 14 days prior to the event. Refunds are not available within 14 days of the event.  Please email accountsreceivable@fsisac.com with Subject: Cyber Range Cancellation.

I am unable to attend, can I transfer my registration to someone else?

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Yes, if you are unable to attend, please contact us at exercises@fsisac.com with the name and email address connected to the FS-ISAC account of the person replacing you and we will be happy to transfer the registration to them. No registration transfers are allowed 24 hours prior to the exercise.

What does a cyber range cost?

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The cyber ranges are offered to members at $495 per person (USD). If you are registering a team of ten (or more) the registration fee is $445 per person.

How do I pay for a cyber range exercise?

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At registration you will be asked for a credit card. An invoice can be requested by contacting us at accountsreceivable@fsisac.com.

Who are the cyber ranges designed for and do they require prior experience?

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Our cyber ranges are technical exercises designed for beginner to intermediate level network defenders.

What can I expect day of the exercise? What is the structure of the exercise?

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The day will begin with a morning briefing from FS-ISAC to set up the day and then the teams break into individual groups to begin the exercise. Breaks in the day are scheduled based on the length of the exercise. An agenda is provided with the exercise access information, sent one week prior to the exercise.

How is the competition scored?

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The exercise is split into a series of tasks each team will need to complete. The scoring is based on the number of tasks completed, the accuracy of answers and the length of time taken to complete each task.

I registered for a cyber range and have not received any information. What do I need to do?

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Invitations and exercise access information are sent out a week prior to the exercise. If you have not received this information a week prior to the exercise, contact us at exercises@fsisac.com.

Are there any technical requirements I should be aware of?

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Cyber Range exercises are conducted on the Immersive Labs platform and there are no specific device or technical requirements.

Is there any prep work I need to do for the cyber range exercises?

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No, there is no required preparation prior to the exercise.

Can I receive a certificate of completion for the cyber range exercises?

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Yes, every attendee will receive a certification of completion, allowing participants to complete for their individual continuing professional education credits.