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Join us for a CAIS exercise.

Build a Stronger Incident Response Team

CAIS challenges your incident response team to overcome a simulated attack on insurance company systems and processes. Participants practice mobilizing quickly, working under pressure, critically appraising information as it becomes available and connecting the cyber-dots to defend against an attack.

Participating in the exercise helps your team:

  • Gain maximum benefit with minimal resources.
  • Strengthen team relationships and cross-functional knowledge.
  • Develop a clearer understanding of system vulnerabilities.
  • Explore improvements in response processes and build stronger response plans.

You take part from your own premises using our materials in a virtual, confidential tabletop exercise. The exercise requires a few hours each day. Free for FS-ISAC members and non-members.

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For more information, email CAIS@fsisac.com.

“The scenario was challenging, thought-provoking and made us work together to reach resolutions. Our incident response process benefited from our participation and the perspective of our assessment compared to our peers.”

NOTE: FS-ISAC reserves the right to decline participation based on its operating rules or sanctions-related concerns.


Where can I get more information?

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Contact us at CAIS@fs-isac.com with any questions or for more information.

Who should participate?

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Any institution that provides insurance or reinsurance services is eligible to participate. Exercise teams typically include individuals from cybersecurity, business resiliency, risk mitigation, IT security, IT management, corporate communications, legal, compliance, back office operations, employee communications, executive management and other staff involved in preventing, responding to and communicating about cyber-incidents.

How does it work?

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The exercise is conducted over two consecutive days and requires a few hours each day to complete. You will receive a link to each day’s scenario early in the morning and complete the survey portion by 2400 hours midnight local time. Each day, from your own premises and on your own schedule, your team reviews and discusses the information available and confidentially answers a set of self-assessment survey questions.

Why participate?

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Pervasive vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks are a serious source of risk. Security breaches, system compromises and many other cybersecurity issues are common and can be severe. FS-ISAC CAIS enables you to put into practice your processes, plans and resources in response to a cyberbreach. You assess your exercise experience and preparedness, while receiving insights on best practices and readiness at your organization and across the financial services industry.

What are the benefits of participating?

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By participating in a safe and non-attributed environment, on your own premises, with your staff, your organization will better understand your institution’s readiness if faced with a cyber-attack, cybercrime or other incident that may disrupt your business process. All participants will receive a summary of the exercise results in the second quarter of 2020.

Will this be an actual vulnerability test of my system?

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No, this exercise is a tabletop style simulation. Participating allows you to privately assess your systems and response plans.

If my organization is not a member of FS-ISAC, can we participate?

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Yes, this free exercise is for the benefit of all organizations involved in providing insurance.

Will the exercise require any special software?

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You will need to use PowerPoint to play the automated, audio-embedded exercise scenario, an internet connection and email. You may alternatively stream an MP4 recording of the same presentation. You will be provided a link to SurveyMonkey, an online survey tool, where you will enter your responses.

Will my organization’s information be published?

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No, all participants and their input will be anonymous and non-attributed. A high-level summary report of general trends and lessons learned will be made available directly to participants. You can privately compare industry trends with your own responses.

What will my organization have access to when the exercise is completed?

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You will have unattributed peer data to compare through an after-action report. All company information will be kept confidential. FS-ISAC also sponsors a WebEx for participants, to highlight and discuss the 2020 CAIS.

What is the Insurance Risk Council (IRC)?

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FS-ISAC’s IRC shares risk information for insurance and reinsurance carriers, as well as best practices to mitigate risk. IRC members are financial institution risk professionals and cybersecurity practitioners.