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Forging a Resilient Future

As our sector unlocks new opportunities that come with rapid technological advancement, so too do we face new challenges in securing the assets entrusted to us. We must not only protect and defend against emergent threats; we must also ensure that we can continue to serve our customers, no matter what the future brings.

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Together, we have the resources to rise to this challenge. Our 2023 Summits will allow our members to share collective knowledge and experience along the following tracks:


  • Building a Diverse Workforce – How can we attract and retain a talent pool with broad sets of skills and experience - the more kinds of thinking we have, the better equipped we'll be to stay ahead of a constantly innovating adversary.

  • Securing the Supply Chain – We depend on many of the same suppliers of critical services and infrastructure, some of whom do not have the financial sector’s legacy of robust security. We will pool our resources to identify and address our common vulnerabilities.

  • Preparing for the Quantum World - Infinitely faster and more powerful computers will unleash new business models - and may break current cryptographic standards. Now is the time to re-engineer our security practices and systems to withstand the watershed moment to come.

  • Protecting Digital Assets – With the rise of central bank digital currencies and stablecoins, the world’s financial firms will all enter the crypto world. We must learn to secure the new asset classes of Web 3.0.

  • Combatting Cyber Fraud – As instant payments become business-as-usual, our time to recognize and recall fraudulent payments during the settlement process is erased. We must shift from a fraud management paradigm to one of fraud prevention – before the transaction is initiated.

  • Managing Identity and Access – Perceptive and inventive fraudsters play on deeply embedded neural patterns to enter our systems and take over our customers’ accounts. How can we outsmart the con men to ensure availability only to the right people?

  • Mastering the Ordinary with the Extraordinary – New methods of incentivizing staff and customers to attend to the critical baseline cyber hygiene practices that close off the vast majority of threat actors’ entry points.

View the Health and Safety FAQs here.

Here is Jenny Menna, Humana's Vice President, Threat Management and Response on the value of FS-ISAC Summits.


Call for Presentations

The theme of the 2023 Summits is Forging a Resilient Future



The submission portal has closed.

If you have submission-related queries, please contact us via email summit@fsisac.com

Member Presentations: A Member Presentation is a proposal for either a panel or standalone or workshop provided by FS-ISAC members and/or FS-ISAC staff. Panels are limited to three (3) participants and one (1) moderator. There is no cost to FS-ISAC members for speaking sessions. FS-ISAC does not reimburse any travel expenses or pay speaker fees. Questions regarding content should be sent to content@fsisac.com.

Please note: Member submissions that include a sponsor will be considered sponsored sessions. Sponsored sessions are required to fill out the CFP form as a Solution Provider.

Submissions are evaluated by the Content Committee, which comprises FS-ISAC members, and staff.


Submissions are evaluated by the Content Committee, consisting of FS-ISAC staff and member subject matter experts.

All submissions are reviewed and vetted by our Content Committee and FS-ISAC Content Team for technical merits, expertise, topic selection, approach and interest to attendees. Presentation proposals are most often rejected because they are sales pitches (except Silver Sponsorship). Platinum and Gold Sponsors are educational, content-driven sessions that provide actionable, relevant and useful information to attendees that do not require the purchase of products/services that you represent. These should be delivered by subject matter experts and not people with marketing, sales or product titles.


  • Selection and Timeliness of the Topic   
    Is this topic important to Summit attendees? Are member firms struggling to get their arms around it? The Committee assesses both the technical merits and potential interest of the presentation proposal.
  • Educational Value of the Topic   
    Attendees appreciate hearing real implementation stories - both domestically and internationally. Members like to leave the Summit equipped with alternative approaches and “lessons learned”, something to take back to the office.


The Call for Presentation (CFP) submission portal is open until 11:59 pm (EST) 6 January  2023.

Notification of acceptance decisions is 27 January 2023.


The track and associated topics listed below provide a representational, NOT exhaustive, list of what attendees would like to see, and how we may group submissions into concurrent tracks. A note that some topics, such as AI/ML, ATT&CK, Cloud, Emerging Technologies, etc., can be applied to many of the tracks and while not called out, they are in scope for this event.

With this year’s theme, Forging a Resilient Future, in mind, the following themes will receive extra consideration:

  • Building a Diverse Workforce
  • Securing the Supply Chain
  • Mastering the Ordinary with the Extraordinary (“Do the basic stuff well”)
  • Cryptography (including Post-Quantum, Agility)
  • Combatting Cyber Fraud
  • Protecting Digital Assets


  1. Presentation deck (a complete deck is preferred, a DRAFT is acceptable, and an annotated outline is needed at the minimum) and all supporting materials (videos, supporting research findings, polling placeholders, etc).
  2. All speaker details including name, title, phone, email, biography and headshot of each. Sponsors will also provide Event POC contact and Contract Signer details.

When submitting presentations, we recommend you over-communicate and provide more information, speaker notes, etc., to help the Content Committee better understand your presentation and make informed decisions about the session content. You may of course update your draft presentation to a final version after acceptance.


You will spend three days networking with financial sector cyber and information security professionals – decision-makers and influencers. If the financial sector is your market, you will be in front of an audience eager to learn from your subject experts in sessions, talk to your team in the Solutions Hall and get to know you at casual networking at social events. Sponsors enjoy high member to sponsor attendance ratio and abundant networking opportunities with financial firms from the diverse verticals in the financial sector.

All sponsorships include:

• Complimentary registrations (see specific sponsorship for number)

• Company included on www.fsisac.com event website, on-site materials and Summit App

• LeadCapture App license

• Pre-event opt-in list – includes company, title, city, country

• Post-event opt-in list – includes company, first and last name, title, email, city, state, country, and postal code.


View full sponsorship opportunities here. For information or questions contact the Business Development Team at sales@fsisac.com.

View the Terms and Conditions here

  1. January 2 Monday
  2. 12:00 - 12:00PM

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