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The pandemic brought with it a dramatic departure from traditional business models which threatened to upend the cybersecurity of the financial sector. The industry simultaneously faces rapid cloud and cryptocurrency adoption and increased supply chain risk, coupled with cross-border attacks and rapidly evolving business models in the criminal world.

The best way for cybersecurity professionals to navigate these uncharted waters is to learn from each other.

Our FinCyber Today event is jam-packed with targeted insights exclusively from and for our global fincyber community - everything from educating your board to security operations, from security of crypto wallets to the latest in third party risk management.

This is not a traditional summit; FinCyber Today focuses on the tools and technologies we use to keep ourselves safe. You will walk away with practical guidance and tips on how to implement the best cyber defense strategies working now in this complex environment.

Take the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from the community you trust. Register today.

This is a new one-day format, with sessions following the sun from EMEA to AMER. Attendees are welcome to blend participation across any event session during any time zone.

  • Europe Audience: 11:00 a.m. CET - 4:45 p.m. CET
  • Americas Audience: 10:00 a.m. ET - 3:30 p.m. ET

Agenda Overview


Mitigating Information Overflows in the FOMOsec Era

Kelly Shortridge | Senior Principal at Fastly and Author

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Security teams face an uncertain future as enterprise technology modernizes faster than they can keep up, often turning to increased information collection as a cure. But information is only intelligence if it is actionable, and devouring data can deftly drown us in distraction. In this keynote, we will explore what information matters in a distributed, cloudier world, where the data desires of security and DevOps teams overlap, and how automation can support our resilience against information overflows going forward. 

Bio: Kelly Shortridge is a Senior Principal at Fastly in Product Technology and wrote the book on Security Chaos Engineering (O'Reilly Media). Kelly has been a successful enterprise product leader as well as an entrepreneur (with an exit to Crowdstrike) and investment banker. Kelly is best known for applying behavioral economics and resilience to information security and is a frequent advisor, author, and speaker on those topics.