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Stay at the forefront of trends and challenges facing the financial sector through our curated and enriched content.

Our thought-provoking and interactive sessions cover relevant topics including fraud, threat intelligence, cyber-resiliency and business enablement. Build stronger relationships over three days with around 1,500 thought leaders, executives and members by sharing best practices.

Uniquely designed for the financial sector, the 2020 Americas Spring Summit will provide you the actionable information needed to address evolving threats, develop new strategies and meet changing regulations. View a sample Agenda-at-a-Glance [PDF].

Registration will open at the end of February.


Boca Raton Resort and Spa
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Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport
Distance: 24 miles | Drive Time: 45 minutes

Palm Beach International Airport
Distance: 29 miles | Drive Time: 35 minutes


Call for Presentations

Will you #daretoshare?

The 2020 Americas Spring Summit Call for Presentations 

The Call for Presentations for FS-ISAC’s 2020 Americas Spring Summit (17-20 May in Boca Raton, FL) is now open. Learn more about how to submit your presentation and tips for a winning submission below. 

Member, Non-Member
Affiliates and Vendors
Submission Tips

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Member, Non-Member and FS-ISAC Staff Submissions

Who Can Submit?
  • FS-ISAC member institutions
  • FS-ISAC staff 
  • Members of law enforcement
  • Other non-profit or trade organizations
  • Academia

NOTE: Vendors and affiliates may not submit under this category. Please see below for sponsorship information. 

Submission Types
  • Standalone (one or two presenters)
  • Panel (one moderator and three panelists)
  • Workshop (Deeper-dive or hands-on session that requires a limited number of attendees and/or more than 45 minutes)
  • Information Sharing Exchanges - ISX (A Ted-style discussion for the concise presentation of ideas and strategies in a 15-minute window)
Proposal Evaluation
  • ALL submissions are evaluated by FS-ISAC’s Americas Content Committee, which comprises FS-ISAC members and FS-ISAC’s Content/Security Information Services Team.
  • FS-ISAC does not pay for or reimburse any travel expenses for speakers/panelists nor does it pay speaker fees. 
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Affiliate and Vendor - Sponsor Submissions

Sponsor Submission First Steps
  • Review the Sponsor Prospectus (PDF), which outlines investment and deliverables.
  • Choose a speaking sponsorship package and submit at that level. (NOTE: You may submit more than one proposal at the same or different levels; only one proposal, and therefore sponsorship level, will be accepted.)
  • By submitting a presentation proposal, you are confirming sponsorship investment, executing and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions [PDF].
  • Notification of Acceptance is 27 February 2020*

* If approved, payment routing will be provided – CC/ACH are preferred. Terms and Conditions [PDF].

Speaking Sponsorship Packages

Platinum or Gold

  • Platinum is a 30-minute keynote/mainstage presentation.  
  • Gold is a 45-minute concurrent/breakout session presentation.
  • May only be submitted by an FS-ISAC Affiliate or vendor
  • Should be educational and content-driven
  • When co-submitted with a FS-ISAC member institution, the session does see higher ratings from FS-ISAC content reviews.
  • Proposals are most-often rejected because they are sales pitches.
  • Case studies are good formats
  • Panels are NOT recommended

Silver Solutions Showcase

  • Proposals may only be submitted by FS-ISAC affiliates or vendors.
  • Must be showcasing a technical solution or product not well-known within the industry.
  • Product demos and product/sales pitches are permitted. 

Innovative Showcase

  • Eight-minute presentation on the main stage
  • Proposals may only be submitted by an FS-ISAC affiliate or vendors.
  • Must be showcasing an innovative or emerging technology/solution not well-known within the industry.
  • Presentations should focus on breakthrough trends expected to become new norms within the next three to five years.
  • Product demos/sales pitches are not permitted.

Note: If you have done an innovative showcase in the last 12 months, you cannot submit at this level.

Interested in other sponsorship opportunities? Email sales@fsisac.com.  

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General Submission Tips

Here are some tips to a successful submission:

  1. Craft a winning title.
  2. Prepare an abstract that sells your session.
  3. Select a hot or trending topic.
New Call for Presentations Requirements
  • Objectives: three to five objectives/goals that identify what the audience will learn from attending your session.
  • Background: three to five additional paragraphs that explain research or trends the session plans to explore. Some questions to get you started:
    • Why should your session make our agenda?
    • What can attendees expect to learn?
Keys to a Winning Title

The title can mean a difference between a full house and a sea of empty seats. Winning titles:

  • Communicate your main point and the takeaway to the audience.
  • Utilize keywords such as lessons learned and how to.
  • Be direct and to the point, but clever.
  • Stay within five to seven words.
Abstracts That Sell

The primary purpose of the abstract is to briefly tell the audience why they should attend your session. Successful abstracts:

  • Focus on the topic.
  • Define what the audience will know, understand or learn.
  • Tell us what we need to know in 100 words or less.
Hot Topics for Our Members

These sessions were among the top-rated from our 2019 Americas Fall Summit. They illustrate the role strong titles play in pulling attendees in and highlight topics garnering the most attention among our membership. View 2020 Summit tracks. View the 2020 Summit tracks [PDF].

  • Making a Cyber Awareness Program Sexy (Human Element and Social Engineering)
  • PowerShell for Security Nerds (Security and Technology Operations)
  • What to Expect When Expecting a Pen Test (Security and Technology Operations)
  • Building a Cyber Education Program (Human Element and Social Engineering)
  • Client-Side Website Security – A Threat to E-Commerce (Security and Technology Operations)
  • Cross-Sector Sharing: How It Benefits Financial Institutions (Resiliency, Recovery and Response)
  • Cybersecurity Hygiene Showcase (Governance, Risk and Compliance)
  • Destructive Malware – Lessons from the Trenches (Resiliency, Recovery and Response)
  • Detecting Debit Card Fraud with Hands-On Data Science (Fraud)
  • Developing a Process for Direct Deposit BEC Phishing (Threat Intelligence)
  • Freezing Financial Fraud: Putting Theft through Email on Ice (Fraud)
  • Hardware-Enforced Web Isolation (Emerging Technology)
  • Lessons Learned from a Bank Moving 100% to the Cloud (Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud)
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