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The world is focused on the next phase of the pandemic, calling it "the new normal."  We thinkit'sgoing to beeverything but normal, as old ways ofdoing business and operations transform nearly overnight, with profound implications formanaging cyber risk.

During the two-day virtual summit we will present important aspects of our new member experience as well as facilitate training sessions, demos and more. Stay at the forefront of the new trends and challenges facing the sector through our curated and enriched regionally-focused content.

A mix of live and on-demand sessions covering relevant topics around:

  • Fraud
  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Virtual Currency
  • Advanced Technologies and Techniques 
  • Cloud/Virtual environments
*** Please note that FS-ISAC members can attend at no cost. 

Call for Presentations

We are accepting submissions until 27 July

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Who Can Submit?
  • FS-ISAC member institutions
  • FS-ISAC staff 
  • Members of law enforcement
  • Other non-profit or trade organizations
  • Academia

NOTE: Vendors and affiliates may not submit under this category. Please see below for sponsorship information. 

Submission Types
  • Standalone (one or two presenters)
  • Panel (one moderator and three panelists)

Proposal Evaluation
ALL submissions are evaluated by FS-ISAC’s Americas Content Committee, which comprises FS-ISAC members and FS-ISAC’s Content/Security Information Services Team.

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Affiliate and Vendor - Sponsor Submissions

Sponsor Submission First Steps
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  • Notification of Acceptance is 24 August 2020*

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Speaking Sponsorship Packages

Platinum or Gold

  • Platinum is a 45-minute presentation  
  • Gold is a 30-minute presentation
  • May only be submitted by an FS-ISAC Affiliate or vendor
  • Should be educational and content-driven
  • When co-submitted with a FS-ISAC member institution, the session does see higher ratings from FS-ISAC content reviews
  • Proposals are most-often rejected because they are sales pitches
  • Case studies are good formats
  • Panels are NOT recommended

Interested in other sponsorship opportunities? Email sales@fsisac.com.  

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General Submission Tips

Here are some tips to a successful submission:

  1. Craft a winning title
  2. Select a hot or trending topic
New Call for Presentations Requirements
  • Objectives: three to five objectives/goals that describe what the audience will learn from attending your session
  • Background: three to five paragraphs that explain research or trends the session plans to explore. Some questions to get you started:
    • Why should your session make our agenda?
    • What can attendees expect to learn?
Keys to a Winning Title

The title can mean a difference between a full house and a sea of empty seats. Winning titles:

  • Communicate your main point and the takeaway to the audience
  • Utilize keywords such as lessons learned and how to
  • Are direct and to the point, but clever
  • Stay within five to seven words
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Fraud is a growing area of concern for financial-services firms globally. Sessions in this track range from emerging trends in synthetic identity fraud to account takeover schemes, like business email compromise, attacks against intrabank transactions and payments systems. Other fraud-related topics covered in this track include:
  • Faster and real-time payments fraud
  • Money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism
  • Payments fraud and an increase in money mules linked to COVID-19
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
GRC is a more inclusive topic of hot issues for FS-ISAC members, as regulatory mandates and compliance globally increase in number. Beyond the General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect in May 2018, this track includes sessions that provide perspectives about compliance with cybersecurity and privacy regulations taking effect. Other topics of covered in this track include:
  • Budgetary constraints in the wake of COVID-19
  • Preparing for the next business continuity and disaster recovery event: How will FIs brace for the next “pandemic”?
  • Best practices for safely sharing threat and fraud intel with regulators
  • Effectively mapping risk to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework using in-house and/or other platforms and solutions
  • Third-party risk management — the ongoing challenge of shared risk assessments
Cloud/Virtual Environments
COVID-19 has forced institutions globally to operate and manage more of their business virtually. This track includes sessions that cover trends in virtual staffing and assessing AWS risk, as FIs feel the strain of additional services being pushed to the cloud. This track also includes sessions about emerging cloud-related security necessities and risks, such as:
  • Field-level encryption
  • Creating centers of excellence to address internal skills gaps               
  • Container orchestration
  • Identity and access management in the Cloud
Virtual Currency
Are virtual currencies finally reaching a tipping point of acceptance? Virtual currencies have been talked about for 10 years, but FIs until recently have been reluctant to validate them. This session includes sessions that assess the impact virtual currencies are having or will soon have on FIs throughout the world. Sessions in this track include those that explore:
  • How data mining and blockchain are expected to evolve in the months ahead
  • The role virtual currencies could soon play within the traditional banking system
  • Surprising cybersecurity advantages to cryptocurrency
Advanced Technologies and Techniques
Artificial intelligence and machine learning remain evolving areas of advancement for FIs, even though they’ve been around in some sort or fashion for a long time. This track includes sessions that not only explore advances in AI and ML, but also some of the following emerging areas of interest:
  • Microsegmentation, in networks, data centers, cloud deployments, etc.
  • eDiscovery and preserving digital evidence
  • How to get more information from threat-intel data
  • Mapping and measurements in the Cyber-Defense Matrix