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Burim Bivolaku has been with ICE since 2016, initially as Head of Information Security for the EMEA region, and then from April 2022 as Business Information Security Officer, Trading & Clearing with global remit in managing the Cybersecurity programme across all ICE derivatives regulated markets, including exchanges, CCPs, trade repositories and benchmarks.

He’s an active participant in industry sharing/collaboration initiatives, and currently serves as Chair of FSISAC UK Strategic Board, and represents ICE in multiple strategic groups, such as: FSISAC iCHEF, FIA Cyber-Risk Task Force, WFE GLEX Cyber Working Group, CCP Global Cyber Working Group, BoE CMORG Cyber Group, FCA Trading Venues & Benchmarks Cyber Coordination Group, US Analysis & Resilience Centre and Netherland’s TCO Advisory Group Cyber. Previously he served as Deputy-Chair of FSISAC ETIC and founding member of UK FSCCC Steering Committee. 

Burim is also involved in collaboration work with academia and is a member of Imperial College Industry Advisory Board and King’s College Industry Advisory Board.

Prior to joining ICE, Burim served in various InfoSec leadership / CISO roles (Noble Group, BGC Partners, Bloomberg) and has a strong background in network security. Burim holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from University of Prishtina and an MSc in Information Systems Engineering from Southbank University in London.