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FS-ISAC members know that when they share cyber intelligence and best practices, they are doing it in a trusted & secure environment. This is codified in the organization's membership agreement, our "trust model", also known as FS-ISAC's Traffic Light Protocol.

FS-ISAC Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Designations


TLP Color When should it be used? How may it be shared?
Shield_Red Sources may use TLP RED when the information’s audience must be tightly controlled, because misuse of the information could lead to impacts on a party’s privacy, reputation or operations. The source must specify a target audience to which distribution is restricted. Recipients may not share TLP RED information with any parties outside of the original recipients.
Shield_Amber Sources may use TLP AMBER when information requires support to be effectively acted upon, but carries risk to privacy, reputation or operations if shared outside of the organization’s involved. Recipients may only share TLP AMBER information with staff in their own organization who need to know or with service providers to mitigate risks to the member’s organization if the providers are contractually obligated to protect the confidentiality of the information. Information can be shared with those parties specified above only as widely as necessary to act on the information.
Shield_Green Sources may use TLP GREEN when information is useful for the awareness of all participating organizations as well as with peers within the broader community. Recipients may share TLP GREEN information with other members, trusted government and critical infrastructure partner organizations, and service providers with whom they have a contractual relationship, but not via publicly accessible channels.
Shield_White Sources may use TLP WHITE when information carries minimal or no foreseeable risk of misuse, in accordance with applicable rules and procedures for public release. TLP WHITE information may be distributed without restriction, subject to copyright controls.