Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

A diverse talent pool is fast becoming a business imperative. We need a wide variety of different experiences, skillsets, and ways of thinking in order to stay ahead of nimble and innovative cyber criminals as the financial system evolves.

In partnership with our sponsor financial institutions, FS-ISAC is proud to announce this year's winners of our Women in Cyber scholarship.


2022 Scholarship Winners

Bethany Abebe
Jenny Chen
Lily Chen
Betta Lyon Delsordo
Tiffany Dinh
Elizabeth Duran
Kathryn Earles
Andrea Gameros
Sarah Graham
Tessa Hammond
Roya Hashemi-Nejad
Camila Hidalgo
Sophia Holubowsky
Alaina Lawson
Eden Litvin
Jade Meyer
Ritvika Pillai
Vibha Puthran
Subhiksha Ramanathan
Jayshree Rathi
Andreina Ray
Tanya Sharma
Jenna Taer
Eva Thakran

I had once attended an expert lecture on cyber security when I was in middle school, I was highly impressed and it interested me a lot. I wanted to learn more about differnet types of viruses, threats, attacks and different methods and techniques to prevent and mitigate them. Moreover, I was interested to know about the standards and techniques to protect data and user privacy, this is how I decided to enter the cyber world and therefore, I graduated with a degree in computer science and engineering with specialization in cybersecurity and forensics then chose to pursue masters in cybersecurity. It also provides a great way of connecting with like-minded individuals from whom one can learn and connect with. 

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