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Information & FAQs pertaining to pandemic-related precautions
FinCyber Today 2022

For many years, FS-ISAC has been entrusted with its members’ safety and security. While we have heard from many of our members that they are looking forward to returning to in-person events, we are aware that there are still many concerns around health and safety with the ongoing pandemic.*
*Last updated on 1 June 2022

For FinCyber Today, FS-ISAC is taking necessary precautions to address risks by requiring:
1. Proof of vaccination or acceptable results from specific COVID tests. FS-ISAC will verify at registration on-site. See FAQs #2-6.

2. Recommending masks indoors (and requiring them where applicable). See FAQ #7.

As the pandemic evolves, FS-ISAC may adjust this guidance.
For more information, please read the FAQs below

1. Will FS-ISAC hold the event in-person?
FS-ISAC will only hold the event in-person.

2. Will FS-ISAC collect vaccine info or test results?
FS-ISAC is asking attendees to show that they meet the conditions for attendance. FS-ISAC will not collect or store the vaccine or test information.

3. What kind of documentation do you need for entry?
At check-in we ask you show proof of vaccination or acceptable results from any of COVID tests listed below. The documents can be either digital or physical.

  • Negative results of a COVID-19 PCR test or other CDC approved (for entry into the USA) COVID-19 viral test taken after 12:01am 6-Oct-2022. (See the section “What types of SARS-CoV-2 tests are acceptable under the Order?” from this CDC site). Note: At-home tests do not qualify for US air travel, and as we are being consistent with the CDC rules, we cannot accept them
  • Or, if you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead provide documentation of recovery from COVID-19, including your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken after 9-Jul-2022 and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you are clear to travel and attend a large event

4. Is FS-ISAC requiring boosters?
For entry purposes, FS-ISAC will use the CDC definition of “Fully Vaccinated” at the time the summit starts. On 4-January-2022, the CDC said that receiving a booster provides “optimal protection,” but held short of changing the Fully Vaccinated definition. While not required, FS-ISAC encourages taking any and all steps for optimal protection of yourself and all attendees.

5. Why is FS-ISAC not mandating vaccines for attendance?
To avoid confusion, FS-ISAC is following the same entry rules as the Spring Summit. To protect yourself, and all attendees and staff, FS-ISAC strongly encourages, when possible, following all CDC vaccine and mask recommendations.

6. Will FS-ISAC have rapid tests on-site?
The hotel can provide recommendations for local testing options.

7. Is FS-ISAC requiring masks?
As of 1-Jun-2022, masks are not required indoors in Scottsdale except in certain areas. FS-ISAC encourages and recommends using masks where appropriate and required.

8. Will there be socially distanced seating opportunities?
FS-ISAC will be hosting as many events outdoors as possible however will also have ample socially distance seating options at meal events and general sessions.

9. How can I let people know onsite if I want to stay socially distanced?
FS-ISAC will be implementing a red, yellow, and green sticker program at the event to highlight attendees’ requests on social distancing.

Green: Back to the ways things were pre-pandemic
Amber: Being cautious
Red: Please no contact

These stickers will be available to include on attendee’s name badges at registration.

10. What happens if someone feels ill under 14 days before the event and cannot find a substitute?
For paying attendees, FS-ISAC cannot issue a refund under 14 days before the event. Instead, FS-ISAC will give a credit for a future summit.

11. What happens if someone feels ill on-site?
The health of our attendees is a top priority, and as such, FS-ISAC asks anyone who feels ill to leave the event until they feel better. FS-ISAC will give further guidance as it gets closer to the event itself.

12. What should prohibit me from attending the event?
We ask attendees to not attend the event if they have any of the following: a fever over 100.4°F, chills, persistent cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting, and diarrhea, or other unusual symptoms.

13. Will you notify attendees if someone who has been at the event tests positive during or after the Summit?
Please be aware that even at the end of the pandemic, large events still carry a risk for attendees. Please note that FS-ISAC will not be disclosing any attendee's health information during or after the event, so each participant should take all of the steps they feel necessary to stay safe, including following mask and social distancing guidelines.