Third party risk. The demise of the firm perimeter with remote work. Innovations in malware and ransomware. Nation-state actors using cyberattacks as back doors for surveillance. 

As new cyber challenges emerge, it is critical for security teams to get hands-on practice detecting, investigating, and responding to incidents. Our cyber range program, powered by the Cyberbit Skills Development Platform, helps our members around the world get real-world experience in responding to new cyber threats while benefiting from the knowledge of industry peers in a secure and trusted environment.

Each full-day workshop includes cyber labs to help build fundamental skills connected to the daily theme as well as a cyber range exercise, where you will respond to an end-to-end simulated attack as a team.

Exercises are structured to provide participants with:

  • Commercially licensed defensive tools for attack analysis
  • Individual defense techniques to defend your network
  • A unique opportunity to experience an end-to-end incident, in a realistic, simulated environment

**Check which exercises are open for registration by visiting the Events page and selecting Exercises.

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Over the last three years, more than 1000 members from 30 countries participated in the exercises. Based on their feedback, we have lowered the pricing and limited the number of participants to better support the needs of our smaller and mid-sized members.

Please note that as of 2021, exercises are exclusively a member-only benefit. To register, login via Intelligence Exchange, select the Member Services icon. From here, select the Event/Training tab and select the exercise.

If you are a member and do not have an Intelligence Exchange account, please contact

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What Our Members Say

 glenn"As financial institutions look to operate with sound cyber resiliency to enable secure and stable operations, the FS-ISAC cyber exercises allow our teams to remain current on cyber trends to identify learnings and test our responses, while keeping our customers and colleagues safe."  - Glenn Foster, CISO, TD Bank Group




Beate“With an ever increasing reliance on technology to support customer services, the need for robust and resilient cyber security training continues to represent a cornerstone of sound cyber security practice. Driven by member-curated content, FS-ISAC continues to enhance sectoral efforts to meet the ever-present threat posed by cyber criminals. In particular, the available workshops and technical exercises have proven invaluable in helping enhance organisational preparedness in order to enhance our ability to protect our customers.” – Beate Zwijnenberg, CISO, ING



If your financial institution is not a member of FS-ISAC, join today.

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