Exclusive FS-ISAC Member Discounts


The FS-ISAC has negotiated with BrandProtect to offer ALL members a 10% discount off both "Intel Feed" and "iGRC Security Intelligence Services" market prices.


FS-ISAC members can participate at no cost in this national database of thousands of known fraudsters. CrimeDex is an integrated criminal database and searchable surveillance system to help banks, retailers, and law enforcement identify criminals, expedite investigations and share critical information to stop fraud.

The partnership enables FS-ISAC's members access to free alerts through 3VR's CrimeDex system.

In The Zone Communications

In partnership with In The Zone Communications, FS-ISAC members can receive prices as much as $164 to $321 less than list prices, including discounts for bulk purchases.


FS-ISAC members receive significant discounts with industry leaders, (ISC)2, IEEE, BCI and SCIPP for career professionalization training and certification services.

Secure your team and company through professional education and certification. In an unprecedented move, review seminars, e-learning, industry events and other training tools have been given a member discount of over 20%.


Lastline offers discounts to all FS-ISAC members. Receive 5% off hosted or on-premise offerings of the Lastline Breach Detection Platform when covering over 1000 users. Receive 10% off hosted or on-premise offerings of the Lastline Breach Detection Platform when covering over 5000 users.

To take advantage of this offer and request a trial, please fill out this form or contact us here.


FS-ISAC members will receive a 10% discount on any training offered by MSA.


FS-ISAC has negotiated with NC4 to offer Standard members and above exclusive physical alert packages representing significant discounts. In addition, NC4 will provide alerts on 40 worldwide locations determined by FS-ISAC which will be passed to members via portal alerts.


SANS Securing the Human Discount for FS-ISAC Members.

To Receive the Special 10% discount on Securing the Human training for all FS-ISAC Members:

  1. Please register at https://www.securingthehuman.org/training/purchase-training
  2. After you agree to the terms and conditions it will note if you would like to pay via credit card or check
  3. You will receive a confirmation notice from the SANS registration office. You will just need to forward on that invoice to fsisac@securingthehuman.org and note "Discount Code - FSISAC10" in the body of the note. Your invoice will be adjusted within 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact SANS at registration@sans.org or phone at 301-654-7267.


Secunia offers discounts to all FS-ISAC members. Receive 25% off a 1 year agreement or 33% off a 3 year agreement of our Vulnerability Management and Patch Management solutions. Contact us at sales@secunia.com for a price quote today and don’t forget to mention you are an FS-ISAC member for your discount.

For a free 30-day trial of our solutions, email us at sales@secunia.com.


Free AWS Cloud Encryption Trial + $175 AWS Promotional Credits

If you are interested in gaining experience in cloud encryption now is the perfect time. After using Vormetric's free 30-day AWS trial for 120 hours you will receive $175 in AWS promotional credits. This offer expires on May 15, 2014. Terms and conditions and other details can be found at https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00F0R5MJC/