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2022 saw a profound deepening of our European presence, with the establishment of our office in The Hague and the establishment of a European board to help guide and govern our European strategy. Their focus on Europe will help make the work we do here more impactful and meaningful for all our members in the region. It will also give European members and institutions the transparency and control that is necessary to trust FS-ISAC in strengthening and protecting European critical infrastructure.

Connecting the Local to the Global | Switzerland

FS-ISAC promotes sharing of intelligence and security knowledge as well as resilience-building throughout the global financial system, but also recognizes that the world is not a uniform place. For this reason, we have developed a “global, local” policy where local needs at a regional or sovereign level are also supported.

FS-ISAC has agreed to form the Operational Cybersecurity Cell in the Swiss Financial Sector Cybersecurity Centre (Swiss FS-CSC). This follows a mandate from the National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) and regulators to address the need for greater national cybersecurity readiness and sharing of cyber intelligence and best practices, and to better coordinate incident response during a crisis. Swiss FS-CSC was founded in April and went live in September with a suite of early services, including critical alerts, moderated chats, and member meetings with the support of existing FS-ISAC staff. Additional services with exclusive Swiss channels are expected to go live in 2023 as the Centre builds out staff in-market.

European Financial Services Roundtable

The European Financial Services Roundtable (EFR) brings together Board Chairs and Chief Executives of leading European banks and insurance companies to contribute to the policy debate on issues relating to financial services and financial stability. In 2021, EFR members nominated FS-ISAC as their strategic information sharing partner for cyber security in the region. As well as supporting monthly EFR information sharing calls with intelligence briefings, in 2022 FS-ISAC launched a European-hosted instance of Connect so that information shared can be domiciled in Europe as required.



United Kingdom

The UK is FS-ISAC’s second largest membership base, with more than 230 member firms. It is also our second largest office, with 10 full-time staff as well as the key roles of Global Head of Intelligence, Executive Director for Europe, and our new Third-Party Risk lead based there.

Group 242


FS-ISAC continues to grow its role in the UK’s fincyber ecosystem, with representation on:

  • UK NCSC (National Cyber Security Center)
  • Bank of England CMORG CCG (Cross Market Operational Resilience Group Cyber Coordination Group)
  • Financial Conduct Authority’s Cyber Coordination Group

In 2022, FS-ISAC was featured in the Bank of England’s Sector Response Framework as a local organization with international reach, connecting the UK fincyber community with its global counter- parts for sharing of both intelligence and security and resilience best practices.

As part of our work as strategic partner and executive committee member of UK Finance’s Financial Services Cyber Collaboration Council (FSCCC), FS-ISAC analysts who are seconded to the NCSC's Industry 100 group sync regularly with FSCCC Fusion Cell members to discuss the tactical threat environment.

May 2023 | Our first Fincyber Forum London

Given the strength of our UK community, for the first time in 2023, FS-ISAC will host a full-day conference in London. The event will focus heavily on practical workshops and breakout sessions with immediately actionable takeaways.