Committees and Special Interest Working Groups 

Various standing committees composed of representatives from the membership meet regularly to provide strategic guidance, industry context, and subject matter expertise. These special interest groups use mailing lists to share information such as mitigation techniques, best practices and threat information with each other. Most special interest groups are open to core, standard, premier, gold and platinum members unless specifically designated. It is highly encouraged for members to be actively involved in relevant committees. Email to request an invitation to a committee meeting. 

The two most critical board-level committees are the BRC and the TIC. They are activated when a major physical or cyberthreat or incident occurs, and have specific tasks they are responsible for when events happen.

APAC Anti-Fraud and Cybercrime Working Group (AFCC)
APAC Insider Threat Working Group  
APAC Threat & Strategy Committee (ATSC)  
APAC Threat Intelligence Automation Working Group (ATIAWG)  
Business Resilience Committee (BRC) 
Canadian Financial Services Council (CFSC) 
Card Reissuing Best Practice Working Group (CRBPWG) 
Clearing House and Exchange Forum (CHEF) 
Community Institution Council (CIC)  
Compliance and Audit Council (CAC)  
Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing Lexicon Working Group (CISL) 
Data Analytics Working Group (DAWG)  
European Threat and Strategy Committee (ETSC) 
Hunter Working Group (HWG) 
Insider Threat Working Group (ITWG)
Insurance Risk Council (IRC)

Joint Working Group Initiative (JWIG)

  • European Regulatory and Legal Overview Working Group (ERLOWG)  
  • European Threat Intelligence Landscape Working Group (ETILWG) 
  • Next Generation Security Testing Group  

Media Response Team (MRT) 
Payments Processor Information Sharing Council (PPISC) 
Payments Risk Council (PRC) 
Product and Services Review Committee (P&SC)  
Security Automation Work Group (SAWG) (Click Here to learn more about the SAWG Cyber Intelligence Repository)
Security Automation Work Group - Yara (SAWGY)  

Securities Industry Risk Group (SIRG)  

  • Alternative Investors Council (AIC) 
  • Asset Manager Council (AMC)  
  • Broker-Dealer Council (BDC)  

Security Kit Working Group (SKWG)  
Survey Review Committee (SRC)  
Threat Intelligence Committee (TIC)  
Treasury Threat Analysis Forum (TTAF) 

If you have questions or are interested in joining a committee or work group, please contact