Solutions Showcase: Secure Browsing and AI Automation


FS-ISAC's Solution Showcase event is designed to provide members with an exclusive and secure forum to evaluate solutions and ask questions in a low-pressure environment. Join our cybersecurity vendors as they demo solutions to protect users and networks via secure browsing and enhancing your SIEM capabilities through the introduction of deep-learning and AI automation.

Security Perfected for the Fortune 500: Now Available for All

​Shape Security showcases Shape Connect | 9-9:45 a.m. ET

Shape uses artificial intelligence to fight cyberthreats for some of the world’s largest name brands across every industry. We protect some of the top global retailers, hotel chains, banks and airlines. This technology that has been perfected for the Fortune 500 is now available for all companies regardless of size or security budget. Join us to learn how Shape can best protect your website and mobile applications from account takeover, fake account creation, scraping and more.

Garrison Ultra Secure Browser - Keep Calm and Click Links

Garrison showcases SAVI | 10-10:45 a.m.

The internet is at the heart of digital transformation, but also vulnerable to a host of potential threats. Beyond known malicious websites, there are new sites created by criminals and legitimate sites with poor security that have been compromised by attackers. Sophisticated financial organizations do not allow users to click on links to these potentially dangerous sites. From the user’s perspective, those risky links may be critical to getting the job done and could require a cumbersome exception process that opens security holes. This presentation demonstrates an alternative to this process an immediate way for users to click on even the riskiest link.

Automate & Take Action with FS-ISAC Threat Feeds

Bandura Cyber showcases Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Gateway | 11-11:45 a.m. ET

Many financial institutions face challenges effectively operationalizing their many sources of threat data including FS-ISAC feeds. A lack of automation can increase risk, cause data fatigue and puts a burden on staff and existing security tools. Join this session to learn about the Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) and how it integrates, automates, and operationalizes FS-ISAC, commercial, government, internal (i.e. from a SIEM or TIP) and open-source threat feeds to block threats before the perimeter. 

Outsmarting Malware with Deep Learning

Blue Hexagon showcases Deep Learning for Network Threat Protection | 12:00-12:45 p.m. ET

Cybersecurity continues to be an asymmetric war, with attackers taking advantage of AI and automation to gain the upper hand. This discussion addresses the velocity and volume of the new attack landscape by harnessing advanced deep learning technology. One organization’s real-time deep learning platform detects known and unknown network threats in sub-seconds, and at 10G wire speed performance is setting a new standard for cyberdefense. Attend this session to see a live demo of how this real-time deep learning platform works and hear case studies of real-world deployments.

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