FS-ISAC Solutions Showcase โ€“ From Intelligence to Action

FS-ISAC's second all-day members-only event designed to provide members with an exclusive forum to evaluate solutions and ask questions in a low-pressure environment. The theme of this Solutions Showcase is From Intelligence to Action. Join intelligence providers during our morning sessions to see products that help gather threats targeted against the financial sector. Then in the afternoon, providers will demonstrate solutions that focus on making intelligence actionable using their own unique approaches. Please email us if you are interested in being contacted by a specific vendor.

Empowering Security Teams with FireEye Threat Intelligence 
FireEye showcases FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence (large financial institutions). View.

Learn about iSIGHT Intelligence offerings and how this empowers customer security teams including intelligence reporting and data, research tools and the enablement services that integrate intelligence into customer workflows.

Actor-Centric Intelligence and Capabilities Brief
Intel 471 showcases Actor-Centric Cyber Threat Intelligence (large financial institutions). View.        

Learn how Intel 471 offers a window into the cybercriminal underground through human directed research and automated collection providing insights into what threats actors are buying, selling and discussing on a daily basis. Its platform, API and integrations provide a steady stream of actor-centric intelligence that can be used to feed any cyberthreat intelligence team.    

Cyber Threat Analysis Center Use Cases
Wapack Labs Corporation showcases Cyber Threat Analysis Center (any size financial institutions). View.

Learn what you should know about your supply chain, business partners, or borrowers and how Wapack Labs' Cyber Threat Analysis Center can help you identify, manage and block threats immediately.      

How to Operationalize Your DNS and DHCP Data
Infoblox showcases Threat Intelligence (large financial institutions). View.

Learn how to turn your DNS infrastructure from a security risk to a security asset using Infoblox threat intelligence, the Dossier research tool, threat intel sharing governance as well as how Infoblox DNS, DHCP and IP address management platforms can simplify and automate security operations tools and platforms.           

Stratactical Threat Intelligence - The Best of Both Worlds
ThreatConnect showcases ThreatConnect (large financial institutions). View.

Learn how organizations can leverage the ThreatConnect platform for both strategic and tactical threat intelligence purposes specifically focus on threats and activity related to the financial sector and demonstrations on how organizations can use ThreatConnect to better understand their adversaries.

How to Unburden Your Inbox 
Perch Security showcases Perch Security (small financial institutions). View.

Learn how community financial institutions are cost-effectively identifying, detecting and responding to threat intelligence. Save your inbox from email overload and take action quickly. 

Please email us if you are interested in being contacted by a specific vendor.

Originally aired on 28 February 2018.   

DISCLAIMER: Please note that FS-ISAC does not endorse any vendor or product.