Sector Services

Create a Community Defense for Your Industry
How FS-ISAC Sector Services Can Help

Security information sharing communities, like ISACS and ISAOs, are an increasingly important risk mitigation factor in the protection of an industry. These member-driven organizations offer an efficient and secure way for companies to access or exchange real-time cyber and physical threat information. 

But creating an ISAC/ISAO can have its challenges—from attracting members and finding new sources of information to use in creating intelligence, to developing sound sharing practices and understanding the legal requirements for this type of organization.  Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. 

Here’s the good news: if you’re ready to build your ISAC or ISAO, there’s no need to go-it-alone or to start from scratch. FS-ISAC Sector Services can help. 

Sector Services
We are a not-for-profit membership entity committed to facilitating the creation and growth of ISACs/ISAOs. Our mission is to support organizations in sharing timely, relevant, and actionable cyber and physical threat intelligence, with the goal of strengthening defenses for an entire industry.  

Our experts have experience across eight sectors and will work with you to overcome your industry’s unique security challenges. Leveraging our partnership with the FS-ISAC, which has served the global financial industry for 18 years, we have helped many other sectors stand up their own information sharing organizations using best practices we’ve developed. In fact, we’ve helped the energy, legal, and retail sectors, among others, quickly and effectively begin information sharing in just the last four years.

We’re committed to helping organizations build and operate an ISAC or ISAO that best meets your sector’s specific needs. We will help you navigate key steps in building your sharing community, supporting you in:

  • Organizing your ISAC/ISAO
  • Developing the community defense, and establishing trust, processes, and standards
  • Running the business of an ISAC/ISAO community to sustain a well-managed, fully funded, long-term organization
  • Growing your community, attracting new members and more sharing, and making the organization stronger for all
  • Providing information and intelligence from other sectors that is relevant to your industry


What We Provide 
FS-ISAC Sector Services offers a portfolio of capabilities and services designed to complement your sector’s member-to-member sharing. These include: 

  • Access to Cyber and Physical Security Alerts and Advisories from multiple sources including the government, private vendors, and cross-sector members
    • Daily government sourced highlights report
    • Daily open source report
    • Vulnerability Report customized to applications and systems used by your sector
    • Cross-sector threat reports and ad hoc alerts from other industry member submissions
    • Research, analysis and dissemination of intelligence product by Sector Services Analysts
  • Access to the Critical Information Notification System (CINS) 
  • Initiation, management, and analysis of industry threat exercises 
  • Request For Information (RFI) support to your sharing community
  • Member reports, meetings, and surveys
  • Creation of sharing community member committees 
  • Representation in the Cross-Sector Sharing Task Force
  • All Hazards Crisis Handbook for emergency management and response


We’re Here for You
FS-ISAC Sector Services knows the challenges of establishing an ISAC/ISAO. We have the experience, the resources, the contacts, and the mechanisms in place to make this task significantly easier for you. 

Find out how we can apply our capabilities to your sector’s common and unique needs, to help you build a powerful and lasting community defense against today’s cyber threats and physical hazards. 

For more information on FS-ISAC Sector Services, contact us at: