FS-ISAC Member Newsletter - November 2017

The November FS-ISAC Member Newsletter is here! In this issue learn about:

  • Results of recent FS-ISAC Member Surveys;
  • Automation Initiatives document which gives an overview of open standards supported by FS-ISAC for automating information sharing;
  • An update on the launch of FS-ISAC’s Cloud Security Working Group;
  • Fall and EMEA Summit Recaps;
  • FS-ISAC, Sheltered Harbor and Global Resilience Federation highlighted in PwC Global State of Information Security Survey 2018 Report;
  • FS-ISAC CEO Bill Nelson discusses the value of cyber exercises in PYMNTS; and
  • An update from the ISAC Analysis team.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

(* designates a FS-ISAC members-only event or webinar)

  • FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series: Securing the Human Layer* | 14 November | Online
  • NowSecure Webinar: Danger in the App Store | 14 November | Online
  • BlackBerry Security Summit | 14-15 November | New York City 
  • Flashpoint Webinar: Flash Talk: EMV Circumvention | Download until 15 November
  • Citrix Webinar: Swift CSP: What You Need to Know Now | Download until 15 November
  • Flashpoint Webinar: Flash Talk: Russian Ban on Anonymizing Services | Download until 15 November
  • FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series: TheTrick - Banking on Dyre’s Tricks of the Trade* | 28 November | Online
  • Illusive Networks Webinar: Deception at the Scale and Speed of Large Enterprises | 29 November | Online
  • Sydney Member Meeting* | 29 November
  • Akamai Webinar: State of the Internet/Security Report – Q2 2017 Findings | Download until 30 November
  • Haystax Webinar: Defending Against the Wrong Enemy | 30 November | Online
  • Black Duck Webinar: Audits of 1000 Apps | 30 November | Online
  • EcleticIQ Webinar: How to Overcome the Threat Intelligence Cycle Paralysis? | 30 November | Online
  • MarkMonitor Webinar: From Phishing to the Dark Web – The Lifecycle of a Cyber-Attack | Download until 30 November
  • FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series: Attack and Recovery* | 5 December | Online

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