FS-ISAC Response to WannaCry Ransomware Attack

FS-ISAC and its membership continue to evaluate the impact of the recently reported WannaCry ransomware attacks. What we know at this stage is that the majority of the attacks appear to be targeting and impacting non-financial sector entities around the world. FS-ISAC believes the current attacks utilize known vulnerabilities for which there are available software patches but require firms and service providers to implement them. 
FS-ISAC, with 7,000 member financial institutions, is vigilantly monitoring the situation and is actively sharing intelligence both within the sector and across other sectors. In addition, we are providing mitigation recommendations including best practices around handling ransomware attacks, proposed countermeasures like fine-tuned network-blocking controls and also remediation strategies for software infections. Financial institutions participating in information sharing with properly patched systems and better cyberhygiene are positioned to stay ahead of cybercrime.


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