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A Complex Web of Cyber Risk

The rapid digitization of the financial sector has led to an increase in global cyber threats around the world. Many of the major cyber incidents in 2021 have third-party suppliers as the attack surface, zero-day vulnerabilities as the key infection vector, and ransomware as the end threat. We see no end to these trends, and are working with our member firms on a daily basis to help them prepare and defend against emerging risks in this evolving threat landscape.

Looking forward, we also anticipate an increase in nation-state cyber activity that will only add to the challenging environment for CISOs and cybersecurity teams.

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This report is the public-facing summary of a more detailed report by our Global Intelligence Office, available to members only.

Report Methodology

The Navigating Cyber 2022 report is derived from FS-ISAC’s rigorous threat intelligence monitoring maintained by its intelligence operations team. The intelligence is sourced from FS-ISAC's thousands of member financial firms in more than 65 countries and further augmented by analysis by the Global Intelligence Office. Multiple streams of intelligence were leveraged for the curation of the round-up, which examined data across a one year period from January 2021 to January 2022.





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