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Disrupting one of the World's Top Ransomware Distributors

FS-ISAC supported Microsoft in an effort to disrupt the operations of a major botnet and malware distribution network that has targeted financial institutions as well as many other sectors around the world. 

The financial services industry regards this operator as a threat both to firms and customers. In the month of September, six members alone reported more than 6000 phishing attempts related to this threat actor. 

As shown in this case, cyber criminals and their attacks know no borders. With ransomware on the rise, it is critical to be informed and prepared. The only way to stay ahead of threats is by sharing intelligence with peers in a secure, cross-border, and trusted environment. That is what FS-ISAC is all about. 

To find out recent trends, the top five ransomware threat actors reported by members, and best practices to help prevent ransomware attacks, fill out the form and download this report.



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