Global Perspective

With nearly 7,000 members and half of our largest members are HQ'd globally, the FS-ISAC continues to look for new ways to service its worldwide membership and help secure the financial critical infrastructure. Today’s cyber attacks and other risks do not stop at country borders. Often, the threat trends seen on one side of the world are a pre-cursor to attacks that soon materialize and target our industry all over the world. With this in mind, in early 2013, the FS-ISAC Board of Directors voted to expand the charter of FS-ISAC in order to increase the participation of global financial institutions in select countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

FS-ISAC is making the investment to ensure a long term commitment to this expansion. 

We have added new staff dedicated to supporting new regions. We have ramped up regional events and threat briefings. We also continue to build out the infrastructure and operations that support new intelligence gathering and sharing capabilities.

As we extend our operations to new regions, we will increase the collective knowledge of our sector and will enable large scale sharing of threat information to better protect the global financial services sector as a whole.

Some of the other new and enhanced regionally-minded services that we are investing in include:

  • Local Listservers
  • Bi-Weekly Threat Briefings
  • Threat Intelligence Committee meetings
  • Partnerships with strategic public sector partners in core areas
  • Implementing Security Operations Center (SOC) procedures to support coverage
  • Regional support staff and local language capabilities
  • Member meetings addressing regional attacks and mitigation strategies
  • Ensuring information is cleared for global sharing

Stay tuned for exciting developments as we continue to invest in, and meet the needs of, our membership worldwide.