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The intersection of financial services and cybersecurity took on a new depth in 2020, with the rapid digitization of products and services and the wholesale shift to remote working caused by the pandemic. We now know many of these changes are here to stay, and cybersecurity is increasingly central to being competitive in a digital marketplace.  

New cyber challenges and risks call for increased sharing across borders and the only way to stay ahead of sophisticated threat actors is to collaborate. Join our two-day virtual summit to stay at the forefront of these new technology trends and emerging paradigms. A mix of live and on-demand sessions covering relevant topics around:

  • Technology, Cloud, Application, and Data Security
  • Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Resilience
  • Payments and Currency
  • Cross-Border Intelligence

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9 June

Mastercard European Cyber Resilience Centre

Gavin Henderson, David Cox, and Philippe Lopez, Mastercard

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Mastercard has established a state-of-the-art European Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) in Waterloo, Belgium. Designed to promote strong collaboration between the public and private sectors, the ECRC enables Mastercard to drive better prevention and mitigation practices against international cybercrime and wider security threats.

Managing Cross-Border Cyber in a Cross-Border World

Ron Green, Mastercard

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During the pandemic we have seen an acceleration in the digital shift of our global economy. This has been particularly impactful to our Financial Services sector. This keynote will explore the increasingly important role of global collaboration and information sharing in keeping data secure and our sector resilient.


Ron Green is Chief Security Officer for Mastercard, where he leads a global team that ensures the safety and security of the company's network, as well as internal and external products and services. He is responsible for corporate security, security architecture and engineering, cryptographic key management, business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management. Ron is a member of the company’s Management Committee.

The Elephant in the Room: Proactively Managing Threats from the Supply Chain

David Aubrey-Jones, NatWest Group | Jon Leather, Lloyds Banking | Matthew Phillips, Nationwide Building Society

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The SolarWinds attack should be a ‘wake-up call’ to the threats of the supply chain and is one of one of a series of damaging attacks. This panel session of supply chain security specialists will examine this growing threat and give their advice on how this can be proactively addressed efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits of a Methodical Approach to CTI: CU-GIRs in Practice

Maurits Lucas, Intel 471 and Teresa Walsh, FS-ISAC

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This session will give an overview of the origins of the CU-GIRs and the challenges it helps solve including sharing experiences on implementing the CU-GIR methodology in FS-ISAC's CTI team.

Proactive Security, an Alchemist's Approach

Mike Chung, ING

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In today’s complicated world, particular threats are both overstated and understated. Proactive security, being prepared for certain events, is becoming dangerous to rely upon when volatility kicks in. A reactive stance performs better on managing threats efficiently, preparing for a wide range of unknown threats, and minimizing damage.

16 June

How to Fail at Cyberintel

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Threat Intelligence is all the rage. Everyone is "doing Cyber Threat Intelligence". Unfortunately, these programs are failing. They are failing to produce results and failing to show value. This talk goes over the pitfalls of starting a Cyber Intelligence Program as a way to explain how to create a successful program.

The Complexities of Cyber Threat Intelligence Production

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The Intelligence Architecture Map is based on interviews of industry experts, former intelligence practitioners, and my personal views. It represents a logical and meaningful way of how I see the different aspects of producing intelligence should be put together. The purpose of the map is to drive a high-level conversation with board stakeholders.

Member CISO Panel

Sharon Barber, Lloyds Banking | Mimoent Haddouti, Rabobank | Neal Pollard, UBS

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This CISO panel will be a discussion on current hot topics and trends.