An independent forum for central banks, regulators and supervisory entities

As a CERES Forum member, your organization becomes part of a community that shares similar concerns and responsibilities related to malicious cyber-activity in the financial sector. Membership in the forum provides you not only top-down information from FS-ISAC, but a means of discussing current threats, trends, best practices and solutions with your peers in financial oversight institutions.

Information sharing among CERES Forum members occurs through a secure portal, coordinated conference calls, live events and focused email distribution lists.

Membership Benefits

  • Receive real-time threat assessments, real-time intelligence, vulnerability and incident alerts.
  • Access to a secure portal with anonymous sharing capabilities.
  • Receive members-only curated content.
  • Participate in or observe cyber-exercises.
  • Have access to best practices research and papers.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are determined based on country gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. 

CERES Forum Qualification