FS-ISAC Statement: Hurricanes Maria and Irma Recovery and Restoration

FS-ISAC Statement: Hurricanes Maria and Irma Recovery and Restoration (last updated 10/11/17)

FS-ISAC continues to actively monitor and share information with government agencies and financial institutions in light of Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Member financial institutions in Puerto Rico and other impacted regions are actively reporting into FS-ISAC.

Availability of cash remains important to local customers. FS-ISAC is publishing active ATM locations, fuel and store locations where payments are accepted. We are providing information so that FS-ISAC members can accurately report this information to customers in the region. FS-ISAC is coordinating with federal regulatory agencies and has been informed that the Federal Reserve is ensuring that adequate US currency supplies are being flown into Puerto Rico on a daily basis.   


  • Dozens of regional bank and community institution branches are currently up and running despite major infrastructure outages.


  • As of October 23, VISA is reporting that an estimated 1,023 ATMs* out of 2,963 ATMs in Puerto Rico are working. *Total number of ATMs fluctuates daily. 
  • Many of the traditional banking locations are adhering to pre-incident cash withdrawal levels with other location limiting withdrawals to $100 per day, per customer.
  • While cash availability is location by location, there appear to be no systemic shortages of cash.


  • FS-ISAC continues to engage with other critical sector ISACs including communications and electricity to facilitate banking operations-related telecommunications and power/fuel needs.
  • FS-ISAC is advising members with locations in Puerto Rico and impacted regions to plan for extended operations utilizing backup power, including generators and battery backup systems, backup telecommunications and cellular systems.

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