FSSCC Statement on Cyber Information Sharing Act

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Statement from Russ Fitzgibbons, Chairman of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council and John Carlson, Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council:

"The Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council (FSSCC) applauds the U.S. Senate for passing bi-partisan cyber threat information sharing legislation and looks forward to working with the Congress as it reconciles cyber threat information sharing legislation passed by the House last year. The Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA) is a strong vote of confidence for information sharing and its importance as a key component of effective cyber risk mitigation. The need for voluntary information sharing has never been greater as the velocity of today's cyber threats and cyber attacks is intensifying. The financial services sector has been a leader in voluntary information sharing to protect customers and critical infrastructure from cyber crime, cyber attacks, and physical attacks. Passage of a balanced and effective cyber threat information sharing legislation has been a priority of the FSSCC for many years. The financial services sector looks forward to continuing to partner with the industry and regulators in order to improve the flow of threat intelligence between firms, while at the same time ensuring proper controls, liability and privacy protections and anonymity when required."

About FSSCC: Established in 2002 by the financial sector, the FSSCC coordinates critical infrastructure and homeland security activities within the financial services industry. Its 67 members consist of financial trade associations, financial utilities, and the most critical financial firms. FSSCC partners with the public sector on policy issues concerning the resilience of the sector. Over the years, the FSSCC has built and maintained relationships with the U.S. Treasury and Homeland Security Departments, all the federal financial regulatory agencies (e.g., Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Office of Comptroller of the Currency, Securities and Exchange Commission), and law enforcement agencies (e.g., Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service). Through these relationships, the FSSCC directly assists the sector’s response to natural disasters, threats from terrorists, and cybersecurity issues of all types.

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