FS-ISAC Exercises - All-Hazards Crisis Response Coordination Playbook Exercises

Managed by FS-ISAC's Business Resiliency Committee (BRC), the All-Hazards Crisis Response Coordination Playbook is the financial services sector's guide to escalate, coordinate and communicate information and actions pertaining to disruptive cyber and physical threats and events. The BRC, made up of senior business continuity leaders from financial services firms, represents one of many key crisis response groups within FS-ISAC identified within the Playbook. Representation by FS-ISAC members in these key groups not only creates alignment throughout the sector, but also gives FS-ISAC members insight into sector coordinated response and allows them to align their organization’s company response with the broader response and recovery efforts.

Beginning in 2018, the Playbook will play an integral part in all FS-ISAC exercises and other financial services sector exercises. Given its central role in sector-level crisis response, exercising the Playbook at every opportunity possible, allows FS-ISAC to ensure that the Playbook is as up-to-date as possible. Exercising the Playbook provides updates for the Playbook and ensures decisions are made with a sector-consensus.

As FS-ISAC is a global organization, the EMEA BRC has begun developing and exercising country-specific playbooks as well. Crisis events do not have borders and supporting FS-ISAC's global membership through crisis response requires connecting and coordinating with them through Playbook exercises. As threats to the global financial system continue to grow and evolve, so must the response support and coordination. 
Past examples of Playbook exercising include: 

  • Quantum Dawn IV 
  • Hamilton Series Exercises 
  • Regional Exercises 
  • Cyber-Range Exercises