The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is the global financial sector’s “go to” resource for information sharing, trusted by thousands of financial firms worldwide. FS-ISAC has recently established a new community named the CERES Forum™ specially designed for CEntral banks, REgulators and Supervisory entities (CERES).

The CERES Forum rapidly distributes cyberthreats, vulnerabilities, incidents and other threat intelligence that could impact financial services, including those attacks that target central banks, regulatory and supervisory agencies themselves. This sharing takes place via channels such as a secure portal, via focused email distribution lists, through coordinated conference calls and at live events. A secondary focus of the CERES Forum is the rapid distribution of best practices to respond to threats, vulnerabilities and incidents.

With information sharing, one firm’s cyber-incident can become every firm’s defense if timely and actionable threat information is shared within the community. Financial regulators and supervisory authorities can also benefit from similar sharing. This sharing can enhance supervision around cyber-risk. With knowledge of information about cyberthreats, such as the type of systems affected, vulnerabilities exploited and type of damage incurred, regulators and supervisory authorities can rapidly assess the risk to the financial services sector and take appropriate action.

In an active sharing community, additional technical information, such as indicators of compromise (e.g., malicious IP addresses, malware signature and rogue websites); attack tools and methods; and especially recommended mitigation and remediation measures can be quickly and easily shared. This way firms can check if they have been compromised and to take measures to protect against similar threats. Likewise, regulators and supervisors can also use this threat intelligence to enhance their own cyberdefenses and strengthen their own cyber-resilience efforts.

The CERES Forum leverages the substantial research, analysis and correlation capabilities offered by FS-ISAC which also offers sector exercises, playbooks and best practice publications and products to the sector. This Forum is distinct and segregated from other information sharing communities within the FS-ISAC. It leverages FS-ISAC’s 20 years of best practices related to trusted information sharing in the financial sector. With about 7,000 members and operating in nearly 44 countries today, FS-ISAC helps CERES Forum members share and receive the latest real-time cyberthreat, physical threat, incident and vulnerability information.

To determine eligibility and for a member application, please contact membership@CERESForum.com.

To learn more, view our recent press release on the CERES Forum.