FS-ISAC Building Cybsecurity Diversity (BCD) Scholarship Sponsors

Sponsoring a Building Cybersecurity Diversity (BCD) Scholarship enables your organization to provide support not only to a student but to the industry. Your investment of $10,000 USD covers: 

  • One recipient travel expenses to attend the Fall Summit; 
  • $5,000 USD financial scholarship; and  
  • Administrative costs of the scholarship. 

BCD Scholarship Benefits

  • Identification and promotion as an industry leader and sponsor supporting diversity efforts 
  • Recognition during the opening session at the Fall Summit and in Summit materials 
  • Support of educational achievements of under-represented groups at a national level 
  • Mentorship and recruitment opportunity  
  • Participation in scholar selection
  • Guidance on which security areas to focus on during selection  

This program cannot exist without the support of our sponsors. We want to promote their philanthropy and thank them for their efforts to support diversity and education through the channels available to us. The BCD Scholarship is presented during the main session of the Fall Summit and sponsors of the Scholarship are highlighted in Summit materials, online and across social media platforms.  

Supporting a program like this gives sponsors early contact with the future leaders of our industry. By supporting these women, you are ensuring that the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is diverse and prepared to rise to the challenges of the ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Sponsoring this scholarship allows organizations to be a driving force behind the advancement of diversity in cybersecurity. Your experience and insight will be invaluable in directing the selection process to ensure that recipients represent important and diverse approaches to security issues. 

Ready to become a sponsor? Email us today.