2016 CAPS Exercises for Payment Processors

Payment Processors Information Sharing Council

FS-ISAC 2016 Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems (CAPS)

SEPTEMBER 7 - 8 or SEPTEMBER 13 – 14

Offered exclusively for Payment Processing companies 



Exercise Materials will be emailed from CAPS-PPISC@fsisac.com. You should have received the Pre-exercise workbook from the same address. 

For assistance

Please email us at CAPS-PPISC@fsisac.com or call 571-446-3901.


FS-ISAC will discuss the results of the exercise at the in-person PPISC meeting on Monday, October 24.

2017 CAPS

If you would like information on the 2017 CAPS exercise, please send a request to CAPS-PPISC@fsisac.com and we will send you information as soon as it is available.